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Corsair Vengeance K95 Fully Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


  • $209.00

The Vengeance K95 Gaming Keyboard: designed for performance gaming

You’re good. The K95 is better.

Vengeance K95 Fully Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is made for serious gamers. Cherry MX Red key switches have super-fast reaction times and low operating force, and the key-by-key customizable lighting lets you adjust brightness and illuminate bindings. 100% anti-ghosting with full key rollover on USB ensures that the K95 will keep up. The 18 G-keys are programmable on the fly, so you can adapt and react. And Vengeance K95 has onboard memory, so you can take your K95 with you and play your best on any system.

All of this technology is housed in a professional-grade black anodized aluminum chassis for superior strength and stability.

The beauty of a 100% mechanical layout

In the world of high-performance gaming gear, there are few things that match the feeling of using a well-designed keyboard with mechanical key switches. Vengeance gaming keyboards use Cherry MX Red switches, hailed by gamers worldwide to be the best of the best. They combine great key feel with super-fast reaction times and smooth, linear travel with low operating force.

Vengeance K95 takes the next step with a 100% mechanical layout – there’s a Cherry MX Red switch underneath every key. So, you’ll get that optimal tactile feedback and responsiveness, no matter your fingers go.

100% Cherry MX Red mechanical key switches
You get smooth, linear key response for ultra fast double and triple taps without the audible click.
Black anodized brushed aluminum chassis
A professional-grade look and feel, plus the rugged durability you need for hours of gaming.
Key-by-key customizable backlighting
The brilliant white LEDs have adjustable brightness and key-by-key programmability to light up just the keys you need.
100% anti-ghosting with full key rollover on USB
Every keystroke translates into accurate gameplay—even when multiple keys are pressed. There’s no signal degradation, and it keeps up with you, no matter how fast you play.
18 customizable G-Keys with on-the-fly programming
You can quickly and easily record up to 54 key sequences for faster play.
On board profile storage
Set up once, play everywhere – your settings are stored in the keyboard’s memory, so you don’t need to start over when you take your gaming to go.
About Corsair Gaming Keyboards
Corsair gaming keyboards are designed for competitive play. Crafted with high-quality components and materials, they offer great key feel and the responsiveness you need when victory is essential. They deliver incredible responsiveness, customizability and precision to elevate your game.

Contents and Specifications

Package contents

  • Vengeance K95 Fully Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • Soft touch, detachable wrist rest
  • Warranty card

System requirements

  • PC with high power USB 2.0 port (+500mA)
  • Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows Vista®,  or Windows® XP
  • Internet connection (for SW driver installation)
  • At least 35MB of hard disk space
  • Two USB connectors are required for USB pass-through


Two years



Key Switches

Cherry® MX Red Mechanical

WIN Lock