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B&O Beoplay H3 (Gen 2)


  • $240.00

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BeoPlay H3 are custom-designed in-ear headphones from B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen.

Featuring powerful sound, a sturdy exterior, and comfortable fit, BeoPlay H3 headphones are crafted to provide the ideal listening experience.

  • Custom-designed in-ear headphones from B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen
  • Dynamic full tone sound design integrating a custom-designed 10.8 mm driver
  • Crafted from solid block of aluminum
  • Ultra-light and provides surprising sound performance
  • Able to reproduce the original sound material as authentically as possible
  • Acoustic design includes a miniature bass port in an internal cabinet, which provides you with great performance in the low frequencies
Product Details
Dimensions 26 x 20 x 23 mm
1.0 x 0.8 x 0.9 in
Weight 16 g / 0.56 oz
Cord 1.2 m / 3.9 ft
Frequency Range 20-16.000 Hz
Speakers Dynamic 10.8 mm driver
Microphone MicroElectrical-Mechanical System (MEMS)
Designer Jakob Wagner
Materials Stainless steel, rubber, polymer
  • Black
  • Natural
  • Champagne
Remote Two variants available for iOS and Android.
Included in the Box
  • Beoplay H3 earphones
  • Earbuds XS, S, M and L
  • Flight adaptor
  • Quick Start guide
  • Carrying pouch
Warranty 2 years