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Why Successful People, Champions and High Achievers Love Garmin

Garmin is the ultimate tracking device as Wheaties is breakfast to champions. Sounds polarizing, but true.

The beauty of Garmin is in its obsession with tracking accuracy. They are second to none. What separates an amateur from a pro or a serious athlete isn't his/her talent; it's his/her attention to details. One millisecond matters to Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps. One swing or putt matters to Tiger Woods. This holds true for anyone who is serious in their sport; anyone who is serious about losing extra pounds.

Measuring progress makes the journey to the ultimate prize more bearable. I wouldn't lie to you—fitting into your wedding dress again after three kids are a hell lot of work and disciple. Completing your first marathon or triathlon is almost suicidal. Achieving any worthwhile goal is all about enduring discomfort and pain. But take heart, they are only temporary. Most people overestimate what they can accomplish in a month but underestimate what they can in a year. It's the journey folks.

So every day when you wake up, tell yourself you are going to beat yesterday. Every time you get on that dreaded treadmill, beat yesterday. Every time you put on your running shoes, beat yesterday. Every time you tee off, beat yesterday. Because by outdoing yourself every single day, you become faster, stronger, and better one small step at a time. You get into that wedding dress again shedding one pound at a time.

There are no shortcuts. No magic pill. No instant switch.

Garmin is built for winners. Winners understand the amount of time spent procrastinating is better-spent training. Indecision is costly.

Do yourself a favor—beat yesterday.

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